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Canada / USA (3/- )

France (-/- )

Germany (10/- )

Great Britain (3/- )

Ireland (-/- )

Italy (1/- )

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New Zealand (-/- )

Spain (-/- )

Kanupolo Freiburg

Website Freiburg Germany
Kanupolo Freiburg

Kanupoloabteilung des ASV Horb

Website Horb am Neckar Germany
Kanupoloabteilung des ASV Horb am Neckar e. V.

Niederdeutsche Wanderpaddler e

Website Hamburg Germany

Niederdeutsche Wanderpaddler e.V. - Hamburg

Oldenburger Yacht-Club e.V.

Website Oldenburg Germany

Oldenburger Yacht-Club e.V.

SKG 1925 e. V. Hanau

Website Hanau Germany

SKG 1925 e. V. Hanau

Ski- und Kanu-Club e.V. Philip

Website Philippsburg Germany

Ski- und Kanu-Club e.V. Philippsburg


Website Cottbus Germany

Canoe polo and flatwater racing in Cottbus

TUS Warfleth

Website Berne Germany

TUS Warfleth

Vereinigung Märkischer Wanderp

Website Berlin Germany

VMW Berlin // Vereinigung Märkischer Wanderpaddler in Berlin - Spandau

Wassersport Verein Schierstein

Website Wiesbaden Germany
Wassersport Verein Schierstein 1921 e.V.

Wassersportfreunde Liblar 1960

Website Erftstadt Germany

Wassersportfreunde Liblar 1960 e. V.

Wassersportverein Lampertheim

Website Lampertheim Germany

Wassersportverein Lampertheim


Website Ybbs Austria

We started playing Polo in the 80ies for the first time.

After a long break and a new team coming up in vienna we are now back in the polo live still 2009. 

Togehter with vienna team we try to become CanoePolo a known sport in Austria.



Website Niel Belgium

KNRS (Koninklijke Nielse Ruppelsneppen) has started in 2000 with a canoepoloteam. Today several teams are active in the national competition. Please visit us on the web

Luleå KF Isbrytarna

Website Luleå Sweden
Canoepolo club in Luleå, Sweden. 
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