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Welcome back!

As you've probably noticed, there are a lot of changes since last week, all for the better hopefully!

We've migrated the forum to this new format, there were many reasons necessary for the change, too many to go into here. The previous version can be viewed at canoepolo.com/vBulletin but it is closed for posting.

All your private messages should be copied over in addition to all posts and threads(called Topics on this software).

Check out the new articles, canoepolo.com/articles/features , with new training articles also, canoepolo.com/articles/features/training , try the new Facebook login on the front page if you are a facebook user and play around with the new site.

The events and videos need to be readded, I will post the links to the old ones shortly so if people could help to add them to the new system it would help a lot, and of course you will want to readvertise your upcoming canoe polo competitions!


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