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World Masters Games 2009
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TOPIC: World Masters Games 2009

RE:World Masters Games 2009 04 Sep 2008 12:41 #19

Hi All,

To date 11 teams have been entered in the WMG in Sydney next year but so far none from North America or Europe. We really need more teams to make this event a success and ensure polo's participation in not only this games but all future games.

I know there are many, many players who have said they are coming but as yet not entered- please can people enter their teams asap as it will ensure the events success and also have a big impact on the budget of the event.

For those from overseas there will be plenty of boats of various designs available for a small fee so you only need to bring your other gear. (There will be some other hire equipment available but I cannot comment on the quality of it at this stage.)

If you would like further details please email me at duncan@kayaksplus.com.au

Duncan Cochrane
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RE:World Masters Games 2009 12 Sep 2008 09:57 #20

  • Curly
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Duncan, I entered a team from GB at the beginning of august... and have the confirmations etc...

Perhaps we are not a European team?

or perhaps your information is not complete...

we would really love to have a team list... it's never too early to study the opposition!

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RE:World Masters Games 2009 12 Sep 2008 10:41 #21

  • AsgerS
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The Danish women from K-Polo Copenhagen are comming, and I am hoping to be part of an NZ team

Ps.. No Curly, not really part of Europe
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RE:World Masters Games 2009 12 Sep 2008 14:19 #22

Sorry Curly, All I received was a list of team names and a sentence stating they were from Aus, NZ and Denmark. Obviously the WMG organisers think GB is a colonial outpost of Australia- not the other way around.
As far as I know we still do not have any teams from Canada or the US entered- but I know there are people from there coming. Hopefully they will start entering.
NZ is busy stirring up the interest and I know there are teams from Italy France and Germany and maybe Holland coming but we realy need some team names or contacts. Can we stir up the interest in Europe a bit to get team names in please- there are plans afoot for many social functions and sightseeing including winery tours and harbour cruises if that helps promte the event.
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RE:World Masters Games 2009 13 Sep 2008 01:17 #23

We are forming a team and look forward to competing. Our team will have members from Kansas City, MO; Las Vegas, NV; and West Lafayette (Purdue University) IN. Taking suggestions on team name, first thoughts are "Bottoms Up!"
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RE:World Masters Games 2009 31 Oct 2008 01:43 #24

Hi All,
World Masters Games entries continue to come in but there are still many people who filled in a registartion of interest form who said they were coming who have not actually confirmed their entry online or entered their teams. The organisers now want actual team names and paid up registrations- especially after so many lobbied for polo's inclusion.

We are now at the stage of purchasing or hiring the infrastructure needed for the event so we need a more definite number of teams to determine our total budget.

So please if you are intending coming can someone enter the team into your chosen category through the online system at http://www.2009worldmasters.com/How-to-Register/default.aspx

Looking forward to a great event.
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