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TOPIC: Irish Open

Re: Irish Open 06 Feb 2012 19:29 #7

  • Annie
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Thanks Ken, that would be great. Could you send me your phone number? I think I already have your email address somewhere.

If anyone else would be willing to donate an afternoon or two to introductory sessions in your area could you get in touch with me also? Would be nice to see some new faces at polo this summer

Re: Irish Open 07 Feb 2012 17:49 #8

  • Scanno
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Fair play always good to see new faces about.

I for 1 don't hold out any great hopes of seeing a rise in the number of div 1 teams in the shorrt-term. It seems that in later years the only players to move up into this bracket are the U21s. And we have as many retireing as advancing.

Obviously this is not solely due to the fact that they are the u21s but it's reasonable to assume that young developing players are the ones that will progress. To my mind we need to widen the net to encourage similarly minded players to advance. (They don't necessarily need to be particularly young)

It's great to see teams like Trim, Kilkenny and the next Galway generations come into div 2 and 3 but how will they complete with the Kilcocks and Wildwaters without training on a regular basis with players of this calibre?

A committed group of players with a goal of forming two or three div 1 teams is the only way I see a way forward. There are plenty of people knocking about who would happily give up 1 or 2 saturdays a month to coach a group who are willing to train to this end. But the players involved would have to be happy to do the training required and commit to meeting.

The other thing to remember is that with a bit of organisation the likes of KCPC, WWKC and NKCC are usually more than happy to play scratch matches on a weekday evening after their own training, so once a team is up and running it is relatively easy to get the practice needed. (not volunteering anyone here, just my experience of the clubs). But they're not going to waste their time playing teams who aren't training.

Just my opinion....
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Re: Irish Open 13 Feb 2012 20:12 #9

  • Robert
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Ok, this has gone away from what I was thinking, and glad it did. Scanno your right, there are very few paddlers between the 21-30 age bracket. One thing I noticed is when the college teams finish studying they tend to break up and disappear.

Maybe one day comp's are the way to go? How about trying what seemed to help the take up before when some of the better Div 1 teams spilt up and members joined Div 2 teams and helped them in Div 1, I think this would be similar to what would have been done around 10-12 years ago. Would it be worth running a development league over the summer, several 1 days competitions, all teams would have an experienced player to help them along?

Re: Irish Open 13 Feb 2012 21:58 #10

  • Rob Y
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We currently have ~14 college teams playing in a University League since Oct, that myself and Elaine set up. Lack of exposure and playing during the year was one of the issues raised to us as to why they don't consider entering summer comps. Hopefully now some of them will continue the interest over the summer, also some organisers I've provisionally talked to are willing to consider a "student" entry fee, which could help sweeten the deal to encourage more numbers to attend comps and not disappear for 3 months. Anyways, that's an aside.

Just my thoughts on some points you raise:

A 1 day comp would be hard to run without a large venue and/or longer running on the day. We are currently organising a 1 day event for 14 teams over 2 pitches, and timing is tight, while also giving each team at least 4 games plus QF, SF, 3/4 & Final. Any increase in teams makes it further unwieldy.

I do think a development league over the summer could be a good idea, but it has some flaws I see.
1. It'll crowd up a generally busy summer calender which has comps every 3ish weeks + number of teams that could be involved (as above)
2. It'd remove part of the social aspect of the weekend events, (fri & sat nights in the bar)
3. Would it be localised, or would they be in different locations, if so do you think that Galway teams would travel to Dublin for 1 day for a handful of games (in addition to weekend comps), or Dublin teams to Limerick/Cork etc... From personal experience I think you'd find a few who would, but many wouldn't be bothered to travel 4 or 5 hours round trip for 4 or 5 games on a Sat when they could stay at home.
4. Would there be entry fees, and if so would they be the same as 2day comps? half? other? I personally think that current entry fee levels are ridiculous in any case compared to the cost of running an event, and I think that's another reason people get fed up of comps, or so many comps, by the time you factor in entry, accom, food, few drinks, travel... the weekend comps get pricey very quickly.
6. Starting the season earlier and ending later, ie April/May - Sept/Oct could space out the events more and allow for a few 1 day events to be thrown in easily if there were people willing to run them.


Re: Irish Open 14 Feb 2012 20:24 #11

  • Robert
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Rob, the 1 day's I was thinking about would be more a pratice competition that would allow players to develop their games skills and knowledge of the rules, this could also help in refereeing dept. They would be at a reduced price to cover costs only and not to make funds for clubs. These would be basd around the country, again raising the profile of the sport.

Maybe we should rearrange the "National Comp's". It is not far from warm enough in April/May and Early October would be ok to have a comp in. Salmon used to run Div 2/3 comp's only, these used to be supported by the senior / Div 1 paddlers who helped lower leagues paddlers improve, Could something like this be run?

There needs to be more notification about events, no-one really looks at this site or canoepolo.ie as much, so competitions would need to be advertised well in advance at previous competitions.

Re: Irish Open 15 Feb 2012 20:02 #12

  • Robert
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Had a think about this today and here is my idea, A Development League. A couple of 1 days or weekends on a league basis with the main aim to develop players and teams. It would ease up the time factor as there would be on play off, Semis or finals. A timetable can produced and people will know when the start and finish.
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