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TOPIC: Irish Open

Re: Irish Open 16 Feb 2012 18:17 #13

  • Mike
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I've had a read through this thread and I like some of the ideas generated but I have a few questions.

Who is going to organise these one day competitions?
How much profit do you think competition organisers are making from current competitions? The costs of running a competition are quite high from what I've seen.
Has anyone asked players from the Division 1 teams if they would be willing to play with players of a lower standard than them?

I think Scanno makes a good point about training consistently. It takes more than a training competition to become a division one team. It takes a lot of training, both individually and as a team to get to the level of competing with, never mind beating, Kilcock and WWKC. Those players have been playing and training at a high level for more than 10 years. Are there players around that are willing to make a commitment like that?

I don't want to be seen as knocking the ideas but it does take some level of personal responsibility to get out and train to become a better player.
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Re: Irish Open 17 Feb 2012 19:52 #14

  • Robert
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There is still a lot to be discussed before anything is organised and probably like most things nothing will come of it. I know I for one wouldn't be the best at organising it, but would be willing to help out.

The organisation for the development should really come from the NCPC, this might mean setting up a working group to run it. This would not be a short term plan, but will take a few years. Schools colleges, clubs would all have to be contacted and involved.

I would be willing to help any team when and where I can. I was given a lot of help and advise when I started paddling years ago, don't mind given some back.

Re: Irish Open 04 Mar 2012 12:23 #15

  • Sean Mc
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I do think the Irish Open needs to move eastwards again. What some English/Welsh players have told me is that the distance to Galway on Friday evening is no problem, but there's pressure on them to get back to Dublin/Rosslare to make the ferry home. I would hope that by having the Irish Open on the same weekend as the UK bank holiday more UK based teams would travel. Last year was the first year this was tried but the teams I spoke with just 2 weeks before the competition were unaware when it was on. The people I spoke to were unaware that the date of the competition was moved and that it was no longer held in Kilcock. It doesn't matter where the competiion is held, people need to know that it's on.

Seán Mc
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