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Re: Final Night 06 Mar 2012 15:06 #49

div 2 positions

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Re: Final Night 07 Mar 2012 10:23 #50

thanks for all the effort sean over the year . see ya sat.

Re: MPL 08 Mar 2012 12:38 #51

Thanks Sean,
will there be a different time table up then or are we still on at the same time for the 2 games we're down for?

Re: MPL 08 Mar 2012 21:19 #52

You're welcome guys!

DIV 2 games are NOW finished!

Sorry about the sudden end, but Bob the Danger Swans could not make it on Saturdat night, which rules out a lot of games! Its not viable to run the other 2 games listed below. Congrats again to the Winners Pyrannahs I can post the prizes up with Div 1 teams, OK?

Only games left are
Pyrannahs v Thomastown
Cowboys v Bant

Div1 games left to play on saturday night are:
Stompies V Muppets 6
Devils V NKCC 620
NKCC V Muppets 640

Galway or Rubber Duckies cant make it!


Re: MPL 09 Mar 2012 10:20 #53

Hi Sean

Would the Div2 table have changed since 2 weeks ago? Can you publish a final Div2 table. This is more for internal club bragging rights over a few pints!

MPL 11/12 12 Mar 2012 22:37 #54

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed your MPL experience this year. Please find attached the final scores of the league!

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Well done to the Winners of the League Wild Water in Div 1 and Pyrannahs in Div 2

Div 1
1: Wild Water (Dublin)
2: Devils (Kildare)
3: Stompies (Dublin)

Div 2
1: Pyrannahs (Kildare)
2: Is Feidir Linn (Galway)
3: Cowboys and the Indian (Galway)

See you soon!

Killaloe polo competition Brian Boru this year is June 30th and july 1st
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