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Where are the college teams gone?
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TOPIC: Where are the college teams gone?

Re: Where are the college teams gone? 17 Aug 2011 15:14 #7

  • ElaineUL
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It's something I've been trying to figure out for the past while as well. I think in Limerick, paddling in general all but shuts down over the summer - after the Alps at the start of the summer people tend to take a break from paddling and aren't around Limerick much. Having said that I do know there's enough around to get 2 teams out even just for the fun, but having tried in vain over the summer to get a regular polo night happening, myself and Sean Mullins managed to get a total of 9 different people out about 3 times - though never at the same time, and that was with relentless texting and emails.

People are always interested in polo coming up to varsities, but there's very few who continue afterwards, and even less still who take part in summer comps. I'd definitely be interested in setting up a regular Thursday night polo league between the colleges in the 50m in UL, but would any colleges come for one night? NUIG probably, but not so sure about any of the other ones! Also, I'm not the polo officer anymore, so it's not really my call either, but I can definitely push for it Annie!

Re: Where are the college teams gone? 19 Aug 2011 08:36 #8

  • atbarber
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[quote="Annie" post=93769]Wow, nice going Rob. Maybe advertising each comp to all ICU-registered clubs would be an idea if people don't look at this site? I think they do this for marathon races and it is easy enough to keep up with those.


Thanks for you suggestions.

I just felt I had to answer your question above.

Th CanoePolo community have had a newsletter that goes out at least once a month. This can be registered for on www.canoepolo.ie. This is were the main competitions are listed and detailed. One is due to go out today. People do have to register for it as we do not want people to feel they are receiving spam. This newsletter has been running long before Marathon started there newsletter. (I believe his also only goes for people who have taking part in their events but I may be wrong)

Please feel free to register for the newsletter.

The ICU stopped sending out literature to clubs as it was generally not making it to the general membership.

Re: Where are the college teams gone? 21 Aug 2011 11:43 #9

  • Robert
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Here is a thought, there is a schools competition today, Sunday 21st, running in Kilcock. Why not try adding a schools / Juniors division to some competitions near the end of school terms. This might help bring some fresh blood into the ranks of polo. This could be done in conjunction with some clubs who may benefit from future memberships.

What is the structure with Schools canoeing? When I was a little one, a long time ago, there was a Schools version of the ICU, is this still running?

Re: Where are the college teams gone? 11 Oct 2011 17:28 #10

  • Sean Mc
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There's lots of college teams here www.facebook.com/pages/Irish-University-...Polo/259381670759787

Well done to those involved in organising this and getting a colleges league going. This is an idea that has been thrown about for a few years now, it's great to see it happening.
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Re: Where are the college teams gone? 11 Oct 2011 17:31 #11

  • ElaineUL
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Thanks Sean. Hopefully this will work out this year - venues are difficult to sort, but hopefully all matches will go more or less according to plan and it might spark more interest for summer comps within the uni teams.

Re: Where are the college teams gone? 11 Oct 2011 17:55 #12

  • Rob Y
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cheers Sean.

yeah hopefully it all work out and develop over the next few years.

its great to see interest and entries from 3/4 ladies teams also so hopefully soon we may see competitions with ladies divisions also springing from this.

anyways fingers crossed!
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