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Cronómetro de jogo...pode dar jeito
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TOPIC: Cronómetro de jogo...pode dar jeito

Cronómetro de jogo...pode dar jeito 28 Sep 2010 13:56 #1

  • sviseu
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encontrei uma cena que pode dar jeito nesta época de torneios amigáveis, s e já conhecem óptimo, mas para quem não conhece pode dar jeito..

XNote Stopwatch is a versatile and flexible multifunctional digital stopwatch/countdown timer software to measure time intervals in decimal seconds, seconds, minutes and hours. Suitable for timekeepers at sport events, time tracking of work

Digital display like real stopwatches and clocks. But unlike real ones XNote Stopwatch can be resized to achieve any dimensions of digits: from full-screen on a LCD panel for public presentations like a stopclock to tiny knob on your desktop as a reminder. Along with size you can tune up colors, font, transparency.


* Stopwatch mode and countdown timer mode. When the timer expires it can sound a warning signal, play an audio file, run an application and even command external device!

* Customization of displayed time. You can eliminate hours, minutes, decimals, pad leading values with zeroes, customize decimals to represent 10, 100 or 1000 of second, 24, 25, 60 TV frames and so on. These changes are lossless and can be carried out at any moment.
* Ability to snap the time of chronograph at any moment (split time feature). A gap from a previous recorded time and percentage weights are calculated (lap time feature). You may add a comment to each noted time. Finally, the whole list of results can be copied through the clipboard for further processing. It is even possible to snap times direclty to MS Excel spreadsheet!
* Multiple stopwatches and timers with their own settings and run independently of each other.
* Save and load a time counting session including all recorded results. This feature is very useful when you timing in several stages.
* Ability to set a custom time. This means that you can rewind the chronograph back or forward. All misplaced results are deleted.
* System-wide user-redefinable hotkeys. You can start, stop, reset the stopwatch/timer and snap the time from within any application even if the XNote Stopwatch window is not visible at the moment.
* External control through serial COM (RS-232) port. You can start, stop, reset the chronometer and snap the time with a simple on/off switch, photocell and even RFID-tag reader for accurate timekeeping!


dá pra alterar as cores, tipos de letras, contagem regressiva ou progressiva, escolher as unidades q aparecem, programar uma tecla pra servir de pause e de reset e outras paneleirices
...a ideia é ficar tipo isto:

..pronto é só levar um portátil e por exemplo ligar um ecrã antigo q tenham por lá e virar para o jogo, ou agora estas tv's novas também dão pra ligar..etc



Sérgio Viseu
#7 Clube Fluvial de Coimbra

RE:Cronómetro de jogo...pode dar jeito 28 Sep 2010 14:28 #2

  • NunoAlvesCCA
instalei e funciona muita bem!

até dá para adicionar um som no final do tempo!!

até para o nacional era uma mais valia, era só passar para um plasma e tinhamos um bom marcador.
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