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World Championships "Internet Videos"
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TOPIC: World Championships "Internet Videos"

World Championships "Internet Videos" 29 Jul 2004 02:15 #1

  • João
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Hello Polo World,

Together with Nico Pierik from Netherlands and Tom
(another member of his canoepolo club) we've made a "task force"
in order to provide some games from the World Championships 2004
in digital movie format so everybody can enjoy great moments
of our sport .

At the moment just the Men Final is available (GER vs HOL).

Nico and Tom have been working (hard I believe!!) to get an acceptable
AVI file and, because of the many problems with the ASF files (a typical
"movie file format"), they managed to create a XVID (video codec -
http://www.xvid.org/downloads.html) / mp3 (audio - www.winamp.com)
AVI file so, if you don't have them installed, you have to go to those
sites and download/install them on your PC in order to play it on your
computer properly.

My part is just to provide the FTP server (for the ones with less "computer
skills": a computer where you can go and pick the files to your computer)
from where you can download the file.

The size of the file is 195 mb and you can get using the following data:
User: polo
password: kayakpolo

and, once more for the ones that might need, if you have any doubt just
"follow" the pictures I've posted in attachment.

As my FTP server (in fact my working PC...) just allow 6 FTP users at a
time, after download, please make a copy for your friends, club players, etc.,
etc., so they don't have to download it also directly from my PC. Thanks.

Remember once more that you have to install the codec & mp3 codec (e.g.
from winamp) to be able to play the avi file.

That's all for now .

Thanks a lot Nico and Tom.

Best regards.

João Botelho.

PS -
If your PC has a video card with "TV-Out" watch the game on your
TV because it will be much better there.
#3 C.C.Setúbal A
e-fax: +351 +211.454.956
email: jmnbotelho@gmail.com
email: joao.botelho@dem.ist.utl.pt
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RE:World Championships "Internet Videos" 29 Jul 2004 07:56 #2

  • patb
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Hey Guys

Having trouble downloading the file. Any idea what could be wrong?
I can download using ftp from other sites.

ftp> get final_netherlands_vs_germany_2004_canoepolo.avi
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for final_netherlands_vs_germany_2004_ca
noepolo.avi(198244352 bytes).
Connection closed by remote host.

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RE:World Championships "Internet Videos" 29 Jul 2004 10:25 #3

  • Niek
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Help wanted..I just found out that I'm a complete disaster in these things. Movie has been downloaded succesfully, but I most certainly need some help how to get this XVId programs running.

Any suggestions are more than welcome...
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RE:World Championships "Internet Videos" 29 Jul 2004 11:24 #4

  • Martijn
  • Administrator
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@patb probably maximum number of connections reached.. try again later..

@niek You can download a windows binary to install the Xvid codec here:
Just run install.. and done..
while ( !$succeed ) { $try++ }
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RE:World Championships "Internet Videos" 29 Jul 2004 12:06 #5

  • Niek
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Martijn thanks very much, files XVid have been installed in C:\programs, but that's were my knowlegde stops. Problem is that I'm a complete incompetent It-user. So a little more help would be appreciated.

In favour you 'll earn one "none-pushover" in case we'll play Hoofklasse again... (might be around the time i'll retire)
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RE:World Championships "Internet Videos" 29 Jul 2004 12:16 #6

  • Grincer
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There is no directory index so you will have to use the whole URL. When there is more material you will find it here.

Nico Pierik
(aka Grincer)
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