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RE:Flo 18 Mar 2003 17:44 #13

  • flo
  • Senior Boarder
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Salut tous, hallo Anne,

ce forum devient compliqué : 3 langues!!!(es wird schwer mit drei Sprachen)

Für beginnen, viel danke Anne für deine Hilfe!Aber egal für mich.Ich bin zu Frieden wann ich spiele mit Liblar!!! :worship:

Tâch comme je disais à Anne ça m'est égal ce que l'on peut dire sur moi où ma façon de jouer!ce qui m'importe c'est me faire plaisir avec ceux qui jouent avec moi et leur en procurer aussi : je crois que j'y arrive assez bien! si celà passe par des but : pas de problème pour moi!!!c'est bien un des objectif de ce sport pour ne pas dire le plus important!!!
De plus je ne me chambre pas quelqu'un qui n'existe pas!...

And ungeristered : come on!!!with your name!!! :guns:

no problem,pas de prob,keine problem...cool... :headbang:

ps:ungeristered : Were you in Karnath cup? to see my ONE goal

RE:Flo 18 Mar 2003 20:29 #14

  • Anne
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Hi, I´m not able to scribe in french but I can try to translate in english:
I think the "unregistrated" person insulted in a very bad way and without saying his name. So I´m very angry and I think he is an bad person (I do not know if it´s a man but it seems so). And he says some bad things about Flo which are not right.


RE:Flo 18 Mar 2003 22:41 #15

  • Kathrin
  • Expert Boarder
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Well, it´s a real pity that those people think they´re "brave" enough to say things like that, but in reality they´re just poor guys, doing it anonymous - not brave enough so criticize someone right into his face under his own identity...

And I can´t imagine that one person in a team can make it that bad. Ask MY team about ME


Kathrin :viking:
the "moralist" of the german forum

PS: I like Wurst
PPS: Sorry, that I´m writing here in english although it´s a french forum but I´m sure no one wants to read my horrible french... or will understand it
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