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I need a detail plan (material, length, and steps) of making a floating goal for canoe polo. Any help will be highly appreciate. Thanks a lot!

In the zone Sat, 20 Jun 2015 23:32:55 +0000
Subject: Which boat for small ladies? - by: Teddy
which boats can you recommend to me (50kg/1,60m/neither beginner nor upper leagues)?
I want a boat that it turns and dips easily, gets good speed, survives pe boats, and is actually meant for sb my size. Would be perfect if I could get it used in acceptable condition for about 500€ as I mostly play friendly or local competitions.

So far my list includes:
- Nomad: Force X Junior (48kg) or Force (X) S (70kg) only heard good things about them
- Lettmann: Blade III XS (45-60kg), Blade II S (40-70kg), Strike S (40-70kg) same as above
- DPP/Tedisport: Dynamic S (55-70kg) probably too big?
- Revenge: Vapour Micro (45-65kg), Nitro Micro (45-65kg), International Micro (45-65kg)
- Galasport: Katja (40-60kg?) = small version of their Phoenix which seems decent
- CS Canoe: Fighter XS-S (size?) their homepage is a bit difficult to follow
- Agility: Elixa S (55-70kg) their homepage does not work for this boat
- Mega: Evolution (40-60kg?) a bit older but good enough, at least when I tried it two years ago
- Combat: even their smallest boat is too big (65-75kg)
- Vampire S (size?) availability in Europe?

Any other ideas or reviews of any boat from the list, especially from fellow short people or ladies? Thanks ]]>
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Subject: This is NOT canoe polo, it's kayak polo! - by: Stinger
Real Canoe Polo originated in the Great Lakes of the USA as "dead fish polo". It started when a canoeist found a dead fish in the water and playfully picked it up with his paddle and threw it in another canoeist's boat and the game was on...

Anyone can pick up a ball with their hands, in real canoe polo you can only pick up the ball with the paddle.

Where did "KAYAK POLO" originate?]]>
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Subject: Can you spray paint a polo boat? - by: Marcus In the zone Thu, 28 May 2015 17:42:46 +0000 Subject: Dbxclusive - Air Reviews? - by: turtle
Was wondering anyone here had any reviews or experience with DB Air?

Any kind of feedback would be appreciated!!]]>
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Subject: Advise on spraydecks please!? - by: Bobby
I notice that there is bushsport. Are there any other manufacturers? Do any manufacturers produce nicer decks than others?

Is there any point in purchasing a more expensive deck over a cheaper deck?]]>
In the zone Tue, 02 Dec 2014 15:27:46 +0000
Subject: Overview of polo kayaks - by: Constantijn
I was thinking it would be cool if there was a central point of information on polo kayaks. Polokayaks have become a passion of mine and so while searching for a new boat for myself I've collected some information on a few types that I find interesting.

The information is what I found on manufacturer sites, observed while watching matches and learned from talking to other players. So nothing in the spreadsheet will be 100% accurate.

I'm also aware that a lot of information on the presented kayaks is missing and that I'm missing a lot of other manufacturers/types. The most obvious one being Vampire

It would be awesome if the other users of this forum help to expend the spreadsheet Maybe somewhere in the future there could be a website with all the collected information and more! Think about paddles, shafts, PFD's etc. All or at least most brands next to each other with user feedback next to them.

My question is if there is room or enthusiasm for this? Sometimes I tend to have wild ideas

Happy paddling!]]>
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Subject: flat 3 offence tactics? - by: rastin In the zone Mon, 10 Nov 2014 22:45:31 +0000 Subject: Difference between Dynamic and Diamond Dynamic? - by: michielv
I currently paddle an old Dynamic (with the old style exterior bumpers) which I like but I am thinking of treating myself to a new boat (it's been a few years), a Diamond Dynamic with integrated bumpers etc. As I do not have the funds for an original DPP it will have to be a licensed copy by Tedisport. I have paddled a Tedisport K1 in the past and this was a very fine boat so I guess the polo models will be fine too.

But before I splash out my hard earned pennies, what difference is there between the regular Dynamic (with integratd bumpers) and the Diamond Dynamic? Based on the descriptons on the DPP site I suspect the Diamond to be more agile/manouvrable?

Thanks for all input, cheers,
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Subject: Plastic vs Carbon polo boats? - by: Bobby
Other than weight, is there any real differences in performance/handling between a plastic and carbon polo boat? I see that the lightest carbon polo boat weights approximately 8kg. Where a plastic weighs up to 15kg. So obviously there will be an acceleration difference but wondering if there is anything else?

In the zone Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:40:29 +0000
Subject: Training media? - by: Bobby
Does anyone have any recommendations for media on canoe polo training? I'm wanting tactics, tips, tricks, drills, and skills. Basically anything towards playing the game better. I don't mind whether the media is online or something physical like a book or DVD.

I have seen the training articles on this website but i'm looking for more info.

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Subject: antique kayak for sale, wood. great condition,rare - by: Roberts
Great condition, old/antique. price negotiable.

please dont hesitate to contact if you have interest]]>
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Subject: Recreational 'Tourist' Canoes & Kayaks for lodges - by: George Askew We are looking for a Canoe & Kayak sole agency for Mozambique.

Which company makes the best quality, non-professional, rugged easy to use,at fair prices, craft and who deliver Cracker-Jack service?

Any advice welcomed.

Please also respond to]]>
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