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The quarter final between Belgium and Germany produced a 5 -1 win for the Germans, the Belgians being unlucky to have a hook shot round his back by Roelandt hit the frame and another find the net about a second after the half time hooter. In the second half a Belgian player was sent off but a substitute came on instead. The referee responded by sending two Belgians off and so they had a couple of minutes with only three players.

The quarter final with the Netherlands was definitely one to avoid, as the French found out. There was no score in the first half. 3 1/2 minutes into the second half a Dutch player was fouled. Australian referee Jon Bisset blew up, the French responded to the whistle but the referee allowed the advantage rule and the Dutch scored with the French not attempting any defence. There was a conflab between the referees, the goal was disallowed and Le Bouedec was sent off for the foul. By this time the crowd were making their displeasure with the referee more than obvious but not as obvious as the two enraged coaches whose comments to the referee were in danger of bringing sanctions against their teams. The French quickly scored, to further pandemonium, the Dutch equalizing in the final minute. Extra time brought no change. In the penalty shootout Van Der Haven missed but was told to shoot again as he had not waited for the whistle, to further jeers and whistles, after which each team missed once. It was then down to a sudden death penalty shootout with France being unlucky. Van Der Haven slapped the water in satisfaction and snapped his shaft in the centre, which seemed a fitting epilogue to a game which had taken nearly an hour and raised passions all round.

In the smaller ladies' tournament there were no groups, each team playing every other. Britain's 5 - 0 tie with Ireland included a particularly slick pass back from Marlow to Coyles who put it straight in the net.

After last year's problems, substitution infringements were being closely watched. In Britain's 6-1 win over the slow moving New Zealanders the Kiwis were picked up for such an infringement and reduced to four players although this two minute period was a time when the British team failed to score.

The GB/France match produced a goal from Marlow and another from Berry seconds before the half time hooter. There were no further goals although the French were unlucky, having several shots bounce back off the frame.

The British ladies beat the Germans 2 -1 in a game which saw the Germans and their supporters getting uncharacteristically rattled, to the point where Doll grabbed the end of a British boat and was sent off.

The game between Britain and Australia was busy, mostly for the Australians who scored 6 to Britain's 2, the best being the final goal from Hummerston over her shoulder into the British net a couple of minutes before the end.

The British players had had the benefit of some tough games to stretch them but now all the top teams had a day out while the lower teams played off. This had the effect of letting them go rusty very quickly and some of the shooting by British and other teams on the Sunday was not up to the form seen earlier in the contest.

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